Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Coming back soon!

Hey folks!

Have you missed me? *g* I sure missed you. A lot. But maybe you are follwoing me and my regular blog misbehavinangel.com, so we kind of stayed in touch, right? The Christmas reading challenge will be back on November, 1st. I plan on reading not so much this year, but discuss a lot. You are very welcome to suggest Christmas romance from now on. Please do so. I feel like I have polished the market last year, so I really, really need suggestions. You with me?

Can't wait to meet you all again! Love and hugs, Sanna


  1. I don't usually read Christmas novels or novellas, but Jill Barnett has Daniel & The Angel on Kindle and nook for 99 cents and it's an adorable Christmas story so I may read that one.

  2. I will check that one out. Haven't heard of it so far, but it is a new one, which is good. *g* Glad you will be joining me with the challenge this year, April.