Sunday, December 18, 2011

Book 6: Under The Mistletoe

My winter break has started and finally - finally! - I get some reading done. And slowly I feel the spirit of Christmas coming to my soul and home. Let's check out book number 6, shall we?

I am not a big fan of historicals. I like them from time to time, but usually I prefer contemporary romance.

The last historical I read was for last year's challenge and it was this one by Mary Balogh. Check out the link, cause it was high praise for that book, which I loved reading and treasure dearly.

There was one historical on the agenda for this year, again by Mary Balogh, and it is another keeper: Under The Mistletoe.

I was a bit sceptical at first, because it was a) a historical and b) it was five novellas of about 70 pages each. Huh, novellas. I am not a friend of those. Too often I feel like the storyline is rushed and implausible. There is no time to develop depth within the characters and who the hell falls in love within 70 pages?! Huh? Yeah, right.

Again, Mary Balogh taught me a lesson. None of the above is true for this amazing book. Lovely settings filled with funny, generous, loving and caring characters.

Run and grab a copy, friends. I guarantee you a wonderful time with this book and I really, really have to check out Mary Balogh other books. Oh joy, so much to explore!

Happy Reading!

P.S. See my historical influenced style of writing? *lol*

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