Saturday, December 4, 2010

Review: The Bite Before Christmas

Title: The Bite Before Christmas
Author: Heidi Betts
Publisher: Kensington Publishing
Pages: 264

Plot: Three (very short) Christmas novellas dealing with vampires and Christmas. Can it even get better?

All I Vant For Christmas Connor loves Christmas. Everything about it. But his vampire siblings cannot stand the season. So he decides to take his friend's Angelina's advice and to have party planner Jilian to help him, who is mortal and has no idea how to deal with a family of vampires and how to celebrate the holidays with them.

A Vampire In Her Stocking Vivian is deeply in love with her boss Sean, who is ill and will be dying soon. He has no idea, that his attractive assistant is a vampire, who could easily give him eternal life. But Vivian refuses to change Sean, so her friend Angelina does what she thinks is the right thing to do. So one day Vivian finds a changed Sean on her couch with a red bow around his neck.

It's A Wonderful Bite Angelina and Ian are an item since forever. Angelina is waiting for a wedding band, which seems to be nowhere around. So, after having a nice Christmas evening with him, Angelina falls asleep and awakes in the middle of a nightmare. She and Ian both are mortal and he isn't at least a bit interested in her.

I think... This was a recommendation by a follower of this blog, who didn't finish reading. So, it wasn't really a recommendation, but a hint to read this book in case I wanna know something about how and why vampires celebrate Christmas. So, that's what I did. And I liked it. A lot. I am a huge fan of Heidi Betts' writing, so I do like this as well. She has a great way with words and I am all into vampires, so this was a good book for me. It's pretty steamy at some points and uses graphic language concerning the whole biting and bloody stuff. It's very Christmassy and celebrates the season with all there is...cookies, wreath making, trees, presents. It's all there. Two thumbs up!

Happy Reading!

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