Monday, December 13, 2010

Review: The Holiday Present

Title: The Holiday Present
Author: Johanna Lindsey
Publisher: Avon Romance
Pages: 466

Plot: In The Present, Johanna Lindsey gathers together her most popular creatures, the Malorys, for a memorable family Christmas and the surprising discovery of a long-ago love affair between the first Malory and a wild gypsy.

In Home For The Holidays, two rival hearts are united by a Christmas miracle that would do Charles Dickens proud.

I think... As you can see, I borrowed the summary from the back cover of the book itself. I was totally overwhelmed with the number of characters and was very thankful for the family tree in the beginning of the book. But then, it really bothered me that I had to look up who was who all the time and although, I finished the first novella, I didn't even start the second. I am not even sure, if it deals with the same family. I just didn't have the time and patience to deal with it.

So, I don't really have an opinion. It wasn't my book, but I am pretty sure, it has to do with the fact, that I didn't read the other books of the series. If you have, would you like to let us know? And how did you like this one? Please, help me out with this. Thanks.

Happy Reading!


  1. I can see how that would be confusing. However, I have read the series and completely adored the books!

  2. Good to know, so I will give them a try. I liked the writing, but was so confused with the whole family thing, that I finally gave up. Thanks for your comment, Gina!