Friday, October 22, 2010

First Delivery

Honestly, do you love Amazon as much as I do? I spend so much money on Amazon, that I am wondering when the hell will they send me a lovely thank you bouquet?! Anyway, I received the first package of Christmas novels yesterday and although I had planned to start reading on November, 1st, I really cannot wait that long with a nice little TBR pile next to my bed.

I also updated "The Books" page, so you can find my planned schedule for what to read when. That way, you can easily jump into the discussion once the review is online. No guarantee, that I will stick to that schedule, but I will totally try to.

Someone asked if the challenge is limited to romance only and for me, that's a clear yes. I will do some crafts and recipes from other Christmas books as well, but I will focus on romance or erotica. I would really like to hear about your Christmas reading, though. Even if it's not romance. I plan to have a "What are you reading post?" every week, so you can tell us about your choice then. Alright? Oh, and make sure to check out the "Recommendations" page and leave a comment. Thanks.

I am really happy that this blog got kind of frequently visited so fast. I was wondering if I should do this, cause I thought nobody would be interested, but obviously I was wrong. Welcome, everybody! I am happy, that you found me and this little corner of the web and am really looking forward to all the books to be read.

Happy Reading!


  1. Your new books look great.
    I need to start working on my reading list ASAP so that I can enjoy some lovely Christmas romances.

  2. OH, those are lovely books! I have some holidays story. Putting together a box for you since I've read it already.