Monday, October 25, 2010

You Are Amazing!

Wow, who would've thought that this blog might be so popular just a week after I started it. Thank you, ladies! I really, really appreciate it. I do have a permanent cyber home though, which is my blog called MisbehavinAngel. I would love to welcome you there as well. It is an English/German blog where I usually blog about my reading, sewing, crafts and kitchen stuff. You might find some half-naked Hugh Jackman there as well from time to time. *g* MisbehavinAngel also has giveaways on a regular basis, but at this moment, you can only play here. In case you haven't so far, please feel free to enter the contest and you may win a book cover and one of my favorite romances.

I will do some book covers to sell them after the contest is finished. I do have an online shop for selfmade crafts, but it is German, so I will make some covers to sell directly to you via this blog. I'll still have to figure out, how I am going to do that, but I'll let ya know. Again, thanks for stopping by and being so supportive. Love and hugs, Sanna

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