Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Book 1: I Hate Christmas

I so do not hate Christmas, but Daniel Blythe does. He is a writer of both, fictional and non-fictional books and a Creative Writing tutor. Plus, he co-presents programmes for BBC Radio from time to time. So, he knows his job. And is a total pro.

This book is announced to be "A Manifesto for the Modern-Day Scrooge" and that it is. Funny. Amazingly funny. Did I mention, that the author is British?? Nuff said.

With this book you can be sure to get examples of the worst presents ever, the worst Christmas song and album ever and in case you think, that lovely little carol-singers are annoying, you may find a list of how to avoid them ("Have the television on very loudly.").

I like the British voice, especially as I am known to be pretty anglophile. I usually do my Christmas shopping in London, so I can totally understand what's all that fuss about Oxford Street on the last Saturday before Christmas is all about.

But even if you are not as madly in love with Britain such as I am, you might love this book. Check this out, it's from the chapter about the worst Christmas carols. The author really isn't into Oh Tannebaum (Oh Christmas tree) and let's us know:
"An ode to the Christmas tree, to the tune of 'The Red Flag'. What's this all about then? (...) And the amazing message of this tedious carol is - the tree stays green all year long. Big wow."
Yes, I think this is ridiculously funny. If you feel the same, go and grab this book. And have fun reading. Such as I had. And folks, please check out the giveaway here.

Title: I Hate Christmas. A Manifesto for the Modern-Day Scrooge.
Author: Daniel Blythe
Publisher: Allison & Busby Limited
Pages: 187


  1. Sounds fun - although I really love Christmas, sometimes all the fuss can get too much :)

  2. Creating a book with this title the writer must have a bad experience during Christmas.

  3. I just stumbled on to your fantastic blog! Yay! Books, romance and Christmas, the perfect combination! Do you have a list of what you'll be reading til Christmas? I'd love to join in! I have a list of Christmas reading as well and I'm always trying to expand it. Thanks!