Thursday, November 10, 2011

Children's Christmas Books

In case, you are just a little bit like me, you just love to surl up under a blanket with your kid(s) and read some lovely Christmas books. As we are German, we do read German books, but we do have a few English children's books as well. We had one I brought home from London years ago, which we read like crazy. For this year, I bought two of the little books by Roger Hargreaves: Little Miss Christmas and Mr. Christmas.
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They will be the kid's treat for St. Nicolaus, which is celebrated December, 6th in Germany. So, I cannot tell you if they are very popular in our home, but I know, that Roger Hargreaves' books usually are. They were published in German some time in the eighties, but since then have vanished from the book market over here. I got mine in English via The Bookdepository. An online shop for books, which I can highly recommend. It's worth checking their prices with amazon. You can save some money. Not always, but often.

Anyway, are there any Christmas books for kids, that are loved in your family? And which are these?

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  1. Oh, we have a handful of the Little Miss books for Little Miss. My sister and I grew up with them, but I think we like them more than Little Miss does. Hm. Christmas books. We have a handful. I'm not sure if any of them rise to the top. Max & Ruby have a Christmas book that she loves. She really likes Christmas movies though and we'll see if she gets into the holiday this year. We're still into Halloween in our house - TV specials and books alike.