Friday, November 18, 2011

Book 2: Kissing Santa Claus

Kissing Santa Claus is an anthology with Christmas novellas by Donna Kauffmann, Jill Shalvis and Helenkay Dimon and contains three stories:

- Lock, Stock and Jingle Bells by Donna Kauffmann. It's about Holly, who inherits her mother's Christmas shop in the US and so she has to fly in from London and handle business. She hates Christmas, but very much like next door neighbour Sean. And that's it. There is some secondary storyline going on about a hidden diary, but it's not even worth mentioning. As often, the storyline is rushed, the characters are flat and do not believe a single word of that story. Sorry, folks.

- Bah, Handsome! by Jill Shalvis. Oh yeah, Jill Shalvis. What can I see? She's a master of the genre. And so is this novella. It's about Hope, who owns a B&B and has to deal with Danny, her unwelcomed solicitor, who is stuck with her because of masses of snow. No drama, not too much emotions, that doesn't work. Just a very entertaining, wonderful love story. I liked it a lot.

- It's Hotter At Christmas by Helenkay Dimon. Nah! That's all I'll say, cause the rest won't be very good-hearted. Total crap. Don't read. Don't buy.

All in all, very disapointing. Jill Shalvis is pretty good, but I don't think you should buy the whole anthology for that single novella. Maybe you have a friend, who will borrow the book to you. Or you can find that one single novella online as a digital read. I would recommend that, but please do not spend money on that whole piece of crap. Thankyouverymuch.


  1. No way?!? You were disappointed? I'm surprised that you can't get the Shavis novella by itself - then you wouldn't need to read the others. Maybe next year?

  2. Have you read that one? And did you like it? I feel like all these Christmas books kind of changed my reading habits. Most of them are much alike and not very good IMO.

  3. I don't think I read this one. I have Jill Shalvis's current holiday anthology though. It's connected to the Lucky Harbor series, I believe. I look forward to that one. Sorry you were disappointed!

  4. April, is that 'Christmas In Lucky Harbor'? It'S the first two books of the series, right? I loved those! Will totally review them for this blog.