Friday, November 26, 2010

Review: Christmas Eve At Friday Harbor

Title: Christmas Eve At Friday Harbor
Author: Lisa Kleypas
Publisher: York Evening Press (UK),St. Martin's Press (US)
Pages: 211 (UK)

Plot: Bachelor Mark Nolan is given stody to his niece Holly, who's mom and Mark's sister died in a car accident. He decides to return to Rainshadow Vineyeard, the family business and take care of Holly. But then he finds a letter Holly has written to Santa with having one wish only: a mew mom. Mark wants to make her wish true and decides to find a woman to marry and to raise Holly with.

One day Mark and Holly meet Maggie Flynn, who owns an unconventional toy shop and is just that. There is an instant attraction between Mark and Maggie, but Maggie isn't what Mark had in mind as a future wife and after being heart-broken, Maggie decided to stay alone.

But then, this wouldn't be Christmas without some magic...

I think... I liked this book a lot. It is the first in Lisa Kleypas new series and maybe that's why the US version is a bit high-prized. I bought the UK version, which was much cheaper here in Germany and IMO has the nicer cover. I liked the story and the characters and I think there is huge potential for the upcoming books, which will be dealing with Mark's brothers. I tought, this one was pretty entertaining, but would have made a great full-length novel. In contrast to Lisa Kleypas' other contemporaty novels, this one is not a first person narration, which I like much better.

It was a good read in my opinion, but I already heard different voices. If you like Lisa Kleypas, you will like this. It' not her best, but I think it was fun getting to know the characters and the setting at San Juan Island.

Happy Reading!


  1. I love that cover! It sounds cute. I'm behind on a lot of her books. Never really got into the historicals enough to read her consistently but have all the contemporaries at home. Somehow I managed to collect them and not read them.

    Love reading your reviews! :) It's a nice way for me to get into the Christmas spirit without actually keeping up with all your Christmas reading.

  2. I was disappointed in the length of this book so rated it lower than it probably deserved. I agree the next ones in the series are promising.

    I love her contemps and now I'm appreciating her historicals, have read the Wallflowers and next year will read the Hathaways.