Thursday, November 11, 2010

Review: Holiday Seduction

Title: Holiday Seduction
Author: Jaci Burton / Lauren Dane
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Pages: 205

Plot: The first Christmas book of the erotica genre, which I read for the challenge, containing two novellas. I am pretty new to the genre, but I  like it. In case you do not like graphic language or the explicit description of sex, this is no book for you.

Unwrapped Amy Parker has a special erotic fantasy, that her co-worker Justin found out by incident. Being secretly attracted to Amy, he decides to make her fantasy come true on a business trip to Hawaii over Christmas.

To Do List Belle Taylor is a successful business woman, who usually lists up her goals in order to achieve them. But then she takes a small vacation to spend Christmas with the family and a hot and heavy kiss with her brother's best friend Rafe Bettencourt makes her re-write her lists.

I think... If you like the genre, you might also like this book. I am not too much into the first novella, cause I fell the storyline is rushed and it didn't make me feel all christmassy with the setting being warm and sunny Hawaii. But the second story was just perfect. I didn't have the feeling, that the author focused on the sex only, although it was hot and steamy. I was totally able to understand the characters. The storyline and the relationship between hero and heroine was well developed and I liked the writing. I have no idea if that is possible, but if you can find Lauren Dane's To Do List as a single novella, I would recommend to buy that one.

One thing I like about this book is the cover. Isn't it pretty with the reddish color and the sparkling lights? I like it. Happy Reading!

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