Thursday, November 4, 2010

Review: Red Hot Santa

Title: Red Hot Santa
Author: Cherry Adair / Leanne Banks / Pamely Britton / Kelsey Roberts
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Pages: 325

Plot: Four sizzling stories about four special agents working for a covert agency, all of them trying to keep their protectees safe for whatever that means. The book contains these novellas, which are all connected and even contain cameos of former characters, although there are four different authors.

Snowball's Chance
Santa Slave
Big, Bad Santa
Killer Christmas

I think... this book is a GREAT (in capital letters!) holiday read. That's why I didn't wanna tell something about the plots in detail. It's very much worth the money and you should experience by yourself this adventurous read. What I liked a lot was the fact, that four different authors managed to write an anthology that contains four connected stories. It kind of reminded me of Charlie's Angels, apart from the fact, that the agency boss in this case is a woman called Roz. She holds the whole book together and it worked out pretty well.

As for the holiday feelings, I didn't feel very christmassy while reading. There are some Christmas trees and some Santas (dead ones as well), but I wouldn't call it a Christmas book. Nevertheless, run and grab yourself a copy, ladies. These agents are sexy as hell and kick some butt. Happy Reading!

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