Saturday, November 20, 2010


...very slowly, I can feel the mood coming. Although I am reading Christmas novels for a whole month now, I did not feel the spirit so far. Today, I felt like checking the Christmas decoration boxes for the first time this year. I am thinking about baking and crafting and presents (yikes!). What about you? Are you iin the middle of preparations or didn't even start? What presents do you give to beloved ones and how do you decorate your home? I would love to know.

BTW, everybody can leave comments. Anonymous comments are working, so you just have to dothe word verification to avoid spam. Leave comments, everybody!

Plus, make sure to check out the recommendations page, because there have been lots of updates from readers.

I have another great something coming during Christmas week, and I am more than happy with what a great job our writers have been done so far. Three lovely women are writing our very own Christmas novella and what I have read so far is amazing! Cannot wait to publish and have you read it. So far, folks.

Happy Reading!

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