Monday, November 8, 2010

Review: On A Snowy Night

Title: On A Snowy Night
Author: Debbie Macomber
Publisher: Mira Books
Pages: 370

Plot: This is Debbie Macomber's 2004 edition of her annual Christmas book with these two novellas...

The Christmas Basket High-school sweethearts Noelle McDowell and Thomas Sutton split up under worst circumstances over ten years ago. This year Noelle is back to celebrate Christmas with her family and she and Thom realize, that they still have feelings for each other. It could be so easy, f it weren't for their mothers' old rivalry.

The Snowy Bride Jenna Campbell is flying to Alaska to get involved with a man she met over the internet. Unfortunately the guy in the plane's next seat doesn't think it's a good idea and she ends up in Snowbound, Alasaka with Reid Jamison snowed in for some days, just a month before Christmas.

I think... This was my first read by Debbie Macomber. I have been stumbling over her name for some years now, but just never felt tempted to read one of her books until now. To be honest, I do not feel like hitting the virtual shelves at Amazon now. I thought the book was okay, but not a have-to-read. For the first novella, the two mothers really got on my nerves. Imagine me sipping a nice tea, tucked in on my couch with the book and rolling my eyes. Yep, that's how it was. The story of Noelle and Thom was nice, but way too predictable IMO.

The secoond novella was better, but not overwhelmingly good either. Snowed-in. Again, rolling my eyes. What's it with that? It's a repeating storyline within Christmas novels and it is pretty cheesy most of the time. Honestly, why would a single woman travel to Alaska, cause she wants to find a husband there she has never met? What is she? An idiot? And then she goes with this total stranger and stays with him in his cabin. Snowed-in. Yeah, who's going to buy that? Well, I don't. Plus, it totally irritates me, that the hero is wearing a full beard. Yuck.
What I liked about this novella were the minor characters. Very funny, they do keep the story going and make it a bit more entertaining. As for the love story, I thought it was, as well, way too predictable.

Ah, I don't wanna sound so negative, but this book just doesn't work for me. It was okay. Average. If you find it on your mom's or BFF's bookshelf or at your local library, you might give it a try. But you do not have to spend the moeny for it. And, it's not at least a tiny bit steamy. Nope, some kissing, but that's it. I missed the physical aspect of romance. You know what I mean. *g*

I would love to hear your opinion. Have you read it? Did you like it? Me being too harsh? Come on, discuss!

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  1. I have yet to read a Debbie Macomber novel, although the one recommended to me was The Trouble with Angels, which is about 3 angels, and that series.