Monday, November 8, 2010

Review: Yule Be Mine

Title: Yule Be Mine
Author: Lori Foster
Publisher: Zebra Books / Kensington Publishing
Pages: 337

Plot: A compilation of four Christmas themed novellas by Lori Foster. Containing these four titles:

He Sees You When You're Sleeping A wonderful, wonderful story of Booker and Frances, who are next door neighbours, secretly in love with each other. But then Booker comes up with the perfect Christmas gift and everything changes.

White Knight Christmas Officer Parker Ross hates Christmas. His neighbour Lily Donaldson loves it. Will Parker learn to appreciate gifts, cookies and misteltoes when Lily's the one to show him some merriness?

Do You Hear What I Hear? Sergeant Osbourne 'Ozzie' Decker thinks Marci Churchill is a freak, who is talking to pets. But apart from that, she's a knock-out, too. When a donkey from y nativity scene disappears, he feels like he should personally check out if Marci is involved into that theft.

The Christmas Present Beth Monroe wants to payback her cheating fiancé by having a close encounter with his best friend. Levi Masterston cannot believe his luck when he finally gets to hold Beth in his arms. But it needs more to make these two finally stick together.

I think... From all the Christmas novels I read so far, I liked this one best. It is no secret, that I am a huge fan of Lori Foster anyway, so I had to pick up this release. As often, I have a little problem with anthologies and/or compilations. Sometimes, I feel like the storylines are a bit rushed, way too fast and I regret not having read the characters' story in a full-length novel. This was the case with White Knight Christmas and The Christmas Present. Both stories are nice and written pretty well, but I would have loved to read more. You just got to know the characters and how they work and then -wooosh!- they are happily-ever-after in love. Huh? Still, nice reads.

I loved the other stories, though. As in deeply. He See's You When You're Sleeping is a wonderful, very christmassy love story. Full of romance, sexy and funny. Lori Foster even manages to add some minor characters, which make the story more vivid and interesting. Great writing on such few pages. Same with Do You Hear What I Hear?. Honestly, IMO the best Christmas romance novella so far. The characters are unique, the writing is fast, funny and steamy and the storyline is interesting, full of varieties without being predictable. I even had to laugh so hard, it made me teary. Loved it!

Alltogether a wonderful holiday read. Very Christmassy with lots of snow and Christmas trees. Plus, the cover is really pretty. Make sure to run and grab yourself a copy for a great holiday read!

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