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Review: Santa, Honey

After all kinds of introductions, a giveaway and a hot cover, let's start discussing books, alright? The very first book on the schedule was an anthology by Kate Angell, Sandra Hill and Joy Nash. I do not have any rules concerning reviews, so I'll just let you know, what the book is about, how I liked it and I would love to have you jump right into the discussion. There might be spoilers, so be aware. Here's the review:

Title: Santa, Honey
Author(s): Kate Angel, Sandra Hill, Joy Nash
Publisher: Dorchester Pub / Love Spell
Pages: 322


Ho, Humbug, Ho (Kate Angell) Alex Boxer, ball player for the Richmond Rogues, is forced to community service in the small town of Holiday, Florida. Wearing a Santa costume, he has to spend some days in the community and do his job, when all he wants to do is leave and spend some time with booze, twins and team mates in South Beach. But then he meets Holly, the nutcracker, who was entrusted with the task to supervise him as long as he is doing the Ho, Ho, Ho...

I think... I am a huge fan of the Richmond Rogues series by Kate Angell. There are four books so far and all of them are fabulous. That's why I really wanted to read this anthology as it contains a RR novella. Kate Angell's writing is unique, fast and fun. She can make me laugh out loud and I like that in a book.

Alex Boxer is a great hero. Although he seems rough and shallow at first sight, he soon shows his real self, which contains a high standard concerning moral and equality. Holly therefore is lost from the first moment. Ah, do you like it as much as I do, when you realize that there is no denial that the heroine will fall hard for that guy? She is a lovely, warm character and I felt like I found a friend, the first moment I met her. She has a strong personality, but easily opens her heart for Alex. I like these two. I really do.

As for the Christmas stuff, it was fun. There were Christmas trees, carols, cookies and all the fun of costumes in this story. Not too much, just the right amount to make me feel merry.

This one definitely is a great read.

Naughty Or Nice (Sandra Hill)  Luke Carter is hostaged by Jessica Jones - on Christmas Eve, while he was wearing a Santa costume. So was she. None of them had the slightest touch of suspect, that this hostage might lead into the best Christmas of their lives.

I think... Oooookay...what do I think? Well, I just didn't get into the story. I read it, but didn't feel any connection to the characters and I had the feeling I had to roll my eyes way too often during reading. The problem with novellas is, that you have to be pretty good as a writer to make readers believe the story within a short amount of time. I didn't believe. The sex was hot. I liked that. But that's it. For me. Maybe you have another opinion and I'd love to hear about it.

As for the Christmas features, I had the feeling, that the author tried to squeeze in as many seasonal features as possible. Ah, it sounds so negative, which it really wasn't. It was okay, but just didn't knock me off my feet. 

Christmas Unplugged (Joy Nash)  Two sisters, as different as can be, and two brothers. On a snowy Christmas in the woods. No electricity and no chance to reach the world outside for some days. That's it in simple words.

I think... During my Christmas reading I found this snowed-in theme pretty often. Sometimes it's really cheesy, sometimes it's great. In this case, it's the latter. Oh, how I loved the characters. Emma and Jake bond easily, whereas Casey and Matt have to grow into their relationship, which is told in wonderful and believable words. I like the writing of Joy Nash. I haven't read anything else by her so far, but her writing really got me hooked. She created great characters within 115 pages, but I feel like I have known them for a long time.

There is a lot of snow involved, a lovely Christmas Eve celebration and the presents rock.

I don't wanna tell too much, so let me just say, that I really, really enjoyed this story. Great read!

Three novellas, three very different ways of writing and plotting.
I didn't like all the stories, but I think the book is worth buying anyway. 
A nice holiday read.

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  1. This sounds like it could be a good read. Will have to keep a look out for this book. I have not read anything by these authors before.