Saturday, November 20, 2010

Review: Home For The Holidays

Title: Home For The Holidays
Author: Sarah Mayberry
Publisher: Harlequin SuperRomance
Pages: 245

Plot: Single father (*sigh*) Joe Lawson has to raise his kids alone after the sudden death of his wife two years ago. Moving into a new home, he meets his neighbour, Hannah Napier, who he shouldn't fall in love with, but just cannot stop it. Hannah feels the same, but has plans, that make her leave Melbourne. Although Joe can hardly let her go, he doesn't wanna stand between her and her dreams and so the holidays won't be as merry without Hannah.

I think... I had a rough start with this one. I started reading and then put it aside. I think I was kind of fed up with the single parent theme. (Why the hell does it occur so much within Christmas stories??) However, when I picked it up again, because it was on the schedule for the challenge, I really liked it. The characters are sympathetic and the storyline is fine. This is not great writing, such as Susan Elizabeth Phillips or Nora Roberts do it, but it was okay. I kind of missed the depth of some parts of the story, but it was a nice read. It's okay for the money and I liked the setting being in Australia. I don't wanna post spoilers, but in the end there will be a major BANG! so be prepared for that.

Happy Reading!

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